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To get started with Eleyo, you will need an account

If you already have an account, feel free to skip to Explore All Programs above

To create an account, follow the three steps below.

Step #1

Register a New Account (create your family profile). 

Step #2

Add all students to your profile

Step #3

Select Explore All Programs >  Select a Program  name (i.e. Tiger Pack or Summer Stretch) > Select the registration/enroll now option


If you have questions about our online payment system, contact the following staff:

Tiger Pack: Rachel Twedten at (715) 781-8721

Summer Stretch/Jumpstart : Lisa Johnson (715) 243-7428

Technical Support: Lisa Vergin at (715) 243-7404

Hillside Tiger Pack

Hillside Elementary Tiger Pack

Paperjack Tiger Pack

Paperjack Elementary Tiger Pack

Starr Tiger Pack

Starr Elementary Tiger Pack